Substance Nutrition Athletes

We don't just to sponsor athletes. We commit to working with and helping them achieve an even greater level of performance through smart training, optimized nutrition, and cutting edge supplementation protocols.

Meet TD Ierlan

TD Ierlan is a professional lacrosse faceoff specialist for the Redwoods Lacrosse Club and the Toronto Rock. He is heralded as the most dominated faceoff player in college lacrosse history.

TD is also a great coach and mentor for young athletes. He stresses and exemplifies being a team player and dedicated to ones craft.

Dr. Mike on TD Ierlan

“TD’s pursuit of being the best through his unrelenting work ethic requires high-quality nutrition – this is what we aim to bring with Synthesis. This partnership strongly aligns with Substance Nutrition’s core values and will bring to life our commitment to providing trusted high quality nutrition products and information to athletes of all ages to enhance recovery and physical performance.

We’re looking forward to working closely with TD, supporting his career, Substance Nutrition products to the lacrosse world.

"Quality nutrition is an essential part of my training philosophy. Synthesis has quickly become my go-to protein powder for recovering from my training sessions and games. It helps me easily get in the protein that I need to be at my best." - TD Ierlan