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Coffee Fruit & The Brain

Many people don't realized that coffee comes from a fruit with a pit/seed, similar to a cherry. Unlike with cherries where the fleshy fruit part is eaten and the pit/seed discarded - with coffee, the fruit is discarded and the pit/seed is saved. The seed is the coffee bean which is dried, roasted, and ground to make the beverage that so many people around that world love and enjoy every day.

Health Benefits of Coffee are From the Bean and Fruit

Coffee Cherry and Coffee Bean

The explorations of the utility of coffee for good health has always been aimed at coffee the beverage or the coffee beans. However the antioxidants in coffee fruit has been shown in recent years to have tremendous healthful powers.

Scientists over the last decade have developed processes that have allowed them to capture and concentrate the unique blend of antioxidants found in coffee fruit at the pinnacle of freshness and potency. This unique blend of concentrated coffee fruit antioxidants is called NeuroFactor™. 

The unique antioxidants found in NeuroFactor from the coffee fruit have been shown, in two human clinical trials, to specifically increase levels of a special protein in your body called Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). 

Flex Your Brain Muscle with BDNF

Strong Brain

BDNF is a key protein for a properly functioning brain. Specifically, it is used to stimulate the growth of new neurons in our brains while also working to repair damaged neurons. It goes to work in the regions of your brain that are responsible for learning, memory, higher level thinking, and mood.

Unfortunately, as we age, our body makes less and less BDNF. And aging is not the only thing that negatively impacts BDNF levels, as high levels of stress and lack of sleep can cause BDNF levels to plummet. Research studies have also linked low levels of BDNF to depression and accelerated aging.

NeuroFactor that has been shown in two clinical research studies to increase BDNF levels upwards of 143% (1 cup of Neuro Coffee contains this clinical dose of NeuroFactor™). BDNF levels stay elevated for at least 2 hours (BDNF levels stay elevated past 2 hours but the researchers stopped looking at the 2 hour mark).

Can’t I Just Drink My Regular Coffee and Get the Same Effect?

Cup of Neuro Coffee

No, You Can’t! A 2013 study, published in the journal of Food and Nutrition Science, tested this exact question and found that only NeuroFactor , and not regular coffee, increases levels of BDNF.

NeuroFactor™ is clinically proven to increase BDNF levels, a neuro-protein reported to be associated with cognitive health, including memory - regular coffee is not. Neuro Coffee was enhanced with NeuroFactor™ so that you could repeat the brain health benefits of increased BDNF with your morning cup of coffee. When you start your day with Neuro Coffee, you’ll love the coffee and so will your brain. Click Here to Learn More about Neuro Coffee.