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Improve Focus and Attention While Supporting Your Brain Health with Neuro Coffee™.

Neuro Coffee™ is a one of a kind fusion of artisan coffee and a clinically studied brain health supplement. We have combined the brain boosting antioxidants from the coffee fruit and infused them into your coffee for a better coffee taste and better brain power.

When you drink Neuro Coffee™ your body will begin to produce more of a protein called Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF). This is a special protein that works in your body to grow and repair neurons. 

You'll Taste and Feel the Neuro Coffee Difference

HAND PICKED, PREMIUM BEANS -Neuro Coffee contains premium coffee beans that are hand picked from a selected group of craft coffee growers from across the world.

CAREFULLY ROASTED IN TEXAS -Every batch of Neuro Coffee is hand roasted to perfection in rural Texas by our family run coffee roasting partner.

COFFEE FRUIT ANTIOXIDANTS -Neuro Coffee is enhanced with patented antioxidants from the coffee fruit. Giving Neuro Coffee the neuron growth and repair support that puts it in a league of its own.

RESEARCH VERIFIED DOSING - Every bag of Neuro Coffee is designed to contain clinically studied dosing of patented coffee fruit antioxidants to support your body's natural ability to grow and repair neurons.

Neuro Coffee is...

...the only supplement clinically shown to support brain health and mental agility delivered via coffee.

-Supports Brain Health by Boosting Neuro-Protein BDNF

-Starts Working Immediately After One Dose

-Has No Pills to Swallow, Delivered via Delicious Coffee


-Increases a Key Neuro-Protein in That Supports Neuron Protection, Growth, and Repair

What is BDNF and Why Does It Matter to Our Brains??

Dr. John Ratey, a neuropsychiatrist from Harvard, has famously called BDNF 'miracle-gro for the brain.' Here's what he wrote about BDNF in his book Spark!

“Early on, researchers found that if they sprinkled BDNF onto neurons in a petri dish, the cells automatically sprouted new branches, producing the same structural growth required for learning – and causing me to think of BDNF as Miracle-Gro for the brain.”

BDNF is that important to our health!

Scientific Research shows us that calorie restriction, exercise, and coffee fruit antioxidants (the exact ones found in Neuro Coffee) can increase BDNF levels in our body. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 119 reviews
J Bristol
Coffee never shipped - credit card charged 8/19/23

Coffee never sent to me - very disappointing !!

Busy working mom
Smooth brew with a boost

I’ve been drinking Neuro coffee for two years and love how smooth it is. This coffee lacks the bitter aftertaste and I like knowing that it’s boosting my brain.

Adam Buckholtz
Game Changer! (RX4LIFE Training)

Neuro Coffee, has been an incredible addition to
my work out put and for my personal training clients. The product does what it say. Over the last 90 days I saw improved focus and clarity in both my personal life and professional. My training clients have also reported the same results. To my pleasant surprise the improvement on mental acuity and memory retention seem to be a 70% full increase. I’m a highly skeptical person and to make sure that this was not a placebo effect. We introduced both regular coffee and neuro coffee to multiple groups. Just over 30 days we will we were able to extract data that proved out our numbers. If you’re looking for a product to help you in both your mental and physical outputs and overall health I fully recommend Neuro Coffee and the company Substance Nutrtition.

John Blaser
The best Jerry, the best

This stuff is amazing. Great before class, great before a workout, and I am going to get the dark roast blend for mid afternoon luls. I’ll be able to get another shot of BDNF too? Amazing

terri baker

Breakfast Blend (Ground)