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Dr. Mike's Ultimate Book of Smoothie Recipes [PDF]

Ultimate Book of Smoothie Recipes is the ultimate resource for using smoothies to power your strong, fit, & healthy life! Created by nutritionist Dr. Mike Roussell the nutrition advisor for Men’s Health and Shape Magazine.

Unfortunately most smoothies are nutritionally unbalanced, overloaded with carbs, and rely on nutrition buzz works like detoxifying and cleansing to make you believe that you are helping your body - when you are actually probably hurting it.

In Dr. Mike’s Ultimate Book of Smoothie Recipes, you will learn Dr. Mike’s simple smoothie template system to ensure that you make nutritionally charged and scientifically supported delicious smoothies each and every time to fire up your blender.

This book is packed with 65 of the best tasting, nutritionally optimized smoothies that you will ever drink! As a bonus, Dr. Mike has also included in this book his 2 Shake a Day Diet Plan that combines the latest in nutrition science, hormonal responses to food, and easy to make delicious smoothies to make weight loss paint by numbers simple.