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Why Coffee is the Best Delivery System for a Brain Supplement

Why Coffee is the Best Delivery System for a Brain Supplement

Whenever I start talking to someone about Neuro Coffee one of the most common initial responses I get is " that is good for my brain?"

My answer to this is yes but there's more :)

Neuro Coffee isn't just coffee that you drink to support your body's ability to grow and repair neurons it is a behavior hack that ensures you consistently for your most important, yet probably most neglected, organ - your brain.

Throughout my years studying nutrition I have found that that people struggle to make positive healthy change in their life not because of lack of desire but because of friction.

Friction, like fatigue, is the great equalizer. 

When left unchecked, things in life move along the path of least resistance.

When you try to adopt a new behavior in your life, this creates resistance or friction with your usual behaviors. Your brain likes your usual behaviors because it doesn't need to consciously think about them, they run on autopilot.

When was the last time your consciously thought about each step required to tie your shoes as you were doing it.

New behaviors require conscious and deliberate thought until they reach critical mass and start to happen on autopilot. The more conscious thought, the more friction, the harder it is to implement consistently.

I have found the greatest success helping clients improve their nutrition by finding low friction ways to make position change.

Instead of not snacking in the afternoon to control calories, I'll have them keep pistachios, a low sugar protein bar, or another quality snack in their desk at work so that they are readily available to eat when snack times rolls around. This is much better than desk surfing for chocolate or hitting up the vending machines in the lobby.

When the healthy choice is the more difficult choice, you will make it less often.

Enter Neuro Coffee.

I'm a serous coffee drinker.

I drink coffee on autopilot.

I don't have to think about drinking coffee in the morning. I look forward to it.

I'm not alone in this love of coffee. Drinking coffee is easy. There is no friction. It is a behavior that I readily (and eagerly) do. 

When brainstorming the creation of Neuro Coffee I applied the success that I've had with low friction behavior change to coffee and thought that if I could add something to coffee that allowed people to still enjoy their morning cup of joe but had an added extra benefit...that would make a difference in people's lives.

A fair amount of my clients are aging baby boomers (along with my parents, in-laws, and many friends) a common thread of conversation and discussion amongst them all is their mental health.

How can they stay sharp and take care of their brain so that they can better enjoy the next phase of their life?

I realized that despite all the discussion about brain health, most people don't do much to take care of their brains. Stress, insufficient sleep, extra body weight, sedentary lifestyle...all these factors impair your brain health. Changing all those things in your life is daunting. I wanted a simple solution. Something that could make a difference with minimal effort. Something to get people thinking about caring for their brain health and empowering them to take a simple step every day to do so.

When I discovered the whole coffee fruit extract that had 2 human clinical studies showing its ability to increase brain derived neurotrophic factor in the human body I knew I had a match for my coffee driven brain supplement. A couple more months of additional R&D to be able to create the optimal experience with these patented antioxidants enhanced into the coffee and we were off to the races with a low friction, simple method for anyone to support their brain health.

A great addition to using coffee as the delivery system for a brain supplement, aside from reducing the friction of healthy living, is that....

Coffee Itself is Good for Your Brain!

Coffee is a great vehicle for a brain supplement because coffee itself it good for your brain so there are added side benefits.

I can't think of any additional benefits that the capsule on your multi-vitamin gives you - can you?

A 2015 review found that coffee “may be protective against cognitive impairment/decline and dementia.” The protective effects are more pronounced the older you are (which makes sense as the older you are the more prone you are to those conditions).

Coffee, unless it is decaf, also contains caffeine. Caffeine is a unique nutrient as how you use caffeine can modify how it impacts your mental function. When timed correctly...

There is a Synergy Between Caffeine and Neuro Coffee

Just a quick heads up. I've written about how you can use caffeine and BDNF to improve long term memory at great lengths here. I'll summarize below incase you don't want to read a couple thousand words about the topic :)

When taken at the right time, caffeine can boost your long term memory. In your brain you hold different kinds of memories - short term, long term, and spacial. Some memories you will forget and some seem to be burned in your brain forever.

How do certain memories get locked into your mind?

It happens through a process called memory consolidation.

Memory consolidation is the process that happens in your brain to solidify events into your long term memory (e.g. it becomes one of those things that you’ll never forget). As with anything in your brain there is a process to this happening and there also might be a way in which you can support this process though increasing BDNF along with caffeine after you read/experience something that you want to remember. This is a combination found in Neuro Coffee or intense exercise combined with caffeine. (Again, you can read the step by step process for doing this here.)

In the end, Neuro Coffee isn't just great coffee. Neuro Coffee is a brain supplement that supports your body's ability to grow and repair neurons. But instead of trying to remember to take 2 pills every morning  - you just drink coffee like you always would. Coffee is the delivery system. A delivery system that also supports brain health and tastes great. 

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